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Located on the coast (Costa del Sol) of the Mediterranean Sea, Marbella belongs to the province of Malaga, which in turn belongs to the autonomous community of Anadalusia. Officially, Marbella has 143,386 inhabitants, of which about 38,200 are foreigners. The percentage of foreign residents is mainly composed of British, Germans, Dutch, Austrians, Swiss and residents from Scandinavian countries. A German-speaking kindergarten, as well as a primary and secondary school, where the university entrance qualification can also be obtained, is located about 10 km from the city center and enjoys a good reputation. The subtropical weather in Marbella provides pleasant temperatures throughout the year. The mountain range that surrounds the city protects it from north winds.



143,386 officially registered residents (as of 2019).
38,195 foreigners.



The subtropical climate provides pleasant temperatures all year round and the coast is protected from north winds by the mountain ranges.



The municipality of Marbella is located 57 kilometers southwest of the provincial capital of Málaga. The province belongs to the autonomous community of Andalusia.


Mediterranean Sea

Marbella is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and has several marinas.

The european California

An off season
no longer exists

Marbella was awarded in 2022 as the most prized and exclusive resort destination in Europe and has maintained its position as the second best overall destination. Since 1950, the city has been on the upswing, which has been very strategic and patient. Events, excellent restaurants, exclusive hotels, a lively nightlife, sporting events, international schools and a city planning that leaves enough room for quality instead of quantity and does not use every last corner for building real estate. Thus, the availability of building plots in Marbella is finite, but also makes them equally exclusive. Meanwhile, the winter months in Mabella are no longer an off-season. Why the long way to the Pacific when such a paradise is so to speak in front of the door? Marbella is a true pearl that has developed strongly in recent decades, but is only now really beginning to exploit its potential.

Statistics & Forecasts

A continuous development

The demand for real estate in Marbella increased so dramatically in 2021 that a 30.15% increase in sales was achieved. The interest in real estate in Marbella exists for a long time, but the urban development is now only at a point where several building plots have been released and the demand was and still is very high. In addition to private builders, many investors have recognized the potential and invest large sums in the development. Especially the demand in the luxury segment and properties with a purchase price of at least 4 million euros have increased in just one year in their number by over 100%. This is also a strong indication of the future exclusivity of the region.

Sales 1st quarter 2022
  • Number of sales in Marbella in Q1 2022 compared to previous years.
Price development

An example of sold townhouses and villas in the residential areas in 2022:

  • Basement: 60%
  • Garage: 30%
  • verandas: 50%
  • Terraces: 20%
  • Sun terraces: 10%

Number of sales

1.Q 2006
ca. 1.100 sales

1.Q 2007
ca. 1.200 sales

1.Q 2018
ca. 1.050 sales

1.Q 2019
ca. 900 sales

1.Q 2020
ca. 600 sales

1.Q 2021
ca. 800 sales

1.Q 2022
ca. 1.300 sales

Price per m2

Arco Iris
2.529 €

Lomas de Puente Romano
2.857 €


4.272 €

Señorio de Marbella
4.761 €

La Pepina Strandlage
6.957 €

The upswing

A predefined future

In 2021, more than 1000 building permits have been issued by the building authority, of which about 250 are major projects that will bring the Costa del Sol a further economic upswing. The increase in tourism has also meant that in recent years more and more companies have been founded which in turn bring jobs.

The prices of the real estates starting from a chewing price of at least 500.000 € rose in the years 2021 and 2022 around 15,8%. The price per square meter in the municipality is therefore around 3,700€ compared to 2,600€ in the province as a whole. As always, supply and demand will shape the further development and it is difficult to make an accurate forecast as the increase just sees no end.

The buyers of the real estates starting from 1 million € purchase price come to 85-90% from the foreign country. While currently especially Britons, Belgians and Swedes currently make up the bulk, the demand for Germans, French and Dutch is increasing. A very important factor, however, is the economic upswing in Sweden and Eastern European countries such as Poland, which are currently experiencing increased demand.

Rent & return

Return on rented properties

The rental market in Marbella has also risen rapidly and with it the prices. While five years ago a small villa could be rented for 2.000€ per month, the prices for an exclusive apartment are already at least 3.500€ per month. A villa with four rooms is meanwhile rented for at least 10.000€ per month. For villas in the top class it is even 40.000€ and more per month. Thus, the profitability of rented property in Marbella is an important point for buyers from abroad who do not live in their property all year round.

Advantages at a glance

  • Reduction of the real estate transfer tax to 7%.
  • Reduction of income tax
  • Reduction of inheritance and gift tax by 99%
  • Simplified processes for building permits & zoning
  • High investments the regional marketing
  • High investment in green space and urban development

Price: 3.350.000 €

Villa Seaside

Build Size: 441 m²

Garden: 1110 m²

Terrace: 250 m²

Bathrooms: 6

Bedrooms: 5

Private pool, beachview, garage, sauna

Jan. – Feb. 5.000 € 28 20.000 €
March 5.500 € 14 11.000 €
April 6.000 € 14 12.000 €
May 7.500 € 21 22.500 €
June 8.500 € 21 25.000 €
July – Aug. 12.000 € 49 84.000 €
Sep. 8.000 € 21 24.000 €
Oct. 6.500 € 14 13.000 €
Nov. – Dec. 5.000 € 21 10.000 €
Eastern & X-mas 8.000 € 14 16.000 €
Total 210 237.500 €

Price: 2.300.000 €

Villa Landside 

Build Size: 430 m²

Garden: 400 m²

Terrace: 0 m²

Bathrooms: 5

Bedrooms: 4

Private pool, close to golf, garage

Jan. – Feb. 4.000 € 28 16.000 €
March 5.000 € 14 10.000 €
April 6.000 € 14 12.000 €
May 7.000 € 21 21.000 €
June 7.000 € 21 21.000 €
July – Aug. 8.000 € 49 56.000 €
Sep. 6.000 € 21 18.000 €
Oct. 5.500 € 14 11.000 €
Nov. – Dec. 4.000 € 21 12.000 €
Eastern & X-mas 6.500 € 14 13.000 €
Total 210 190.000 €

Price: 895.000 €

Apartment Central:

Build Size: 136 m²

Garden: 0 m²

Terrace: 109 m²

Bathrooms: 2

Bedrooms: 3

Close to sea, close to shops, communal pool

Jan. – Apr. 2.000 € 35 10.000 €
May – June 3.500 € 21 10.500 €
July – Aug. 4.500 € 42 27.000 €
Sep. 3.500 € 14 7.000 €
Oct. – Dec. 2.000 € 21 6.000 €
Eastern & X-mas 3.500 € 7 3.500 €
Total 140 64.000 €

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